Destiny and Chicken

Nov 9

Actually, according to James Bond canon, Bond actually prefers coffee and dislikes tea. He calls it the downfall of the British Empire.

Ok it seems I may have caused a little bit of…anger perhaps, at the tea issue.  What I meant was that Q said he drinks Earl Grey.  And it wasn’t so much the tea as it was the whole Americanism’s in a British fic.  I am British (yes Makhon I am British when it suits me!).  But I have American family and I have lived in America for a while.  I watch a lot of American TV and therefore I would like to think, apart from the odd whilst/while and still using u’s in words and using s’s instead of z’s, I am pretty good at making it sound like an American writer.  

That being said, a lot of American’s aren’t as good as making it sound like they’re British.  I get it though, we watch a hell of a lot more American tv than American’s watch British.  It’s just the way it is.  

I was more thrown by the “closet full of sweaters” than the tea.  But everyone seems to have picked up on the tea.  Yes people over hear drink coffee, I, in fact am drinking coffee right now.  So let’s not dwell on the tea/coffee issue.     

I guess I was just irritated that us Brits have to Britpick the entire time but when it comes to doing it the other way round?  Doesn’t seem to happen as often.  

That being said, I am in a foul mood this week and everything is irritating me, if it had been last week then I probably wouldn’t have even noticed (as I slip American words into my every day language anyway).  So…

Ok I think I am done now. This was a hell of a lot longer than I intended it to be!